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  • Stay home – save lives!

    “Karantinas” is a mobile application for monitoring symptoms (COVID-19) and raising awareness for the prevention of coronavirus spread.


    Whenever a virus carrier coughs or sneezes, COVID-19 infection can spread within 2 meters. Self-Isolation during a coronavirus outbreak is necessary to reduce asymptomatic spread. By being responsible and staying at home, we can protect ourselves, our parents, friends, and the people around us.
    How does the application help to isolate?

    Assessment of the symptoms

    The application was developed in collaboration with specialists of the National Public Health Center and doctors of Kaunas clinics to provide professional insights on your health and recommendations for different risk groups.
    Essential questions to determine the symptoms of COVID-19 appear every day.
    The information about the symptoms is provided immediately.
    Recommendations and guidance from professionals for each risk group.
    Strengthen your resistance to viruses

    Daily Health Tasks

    Daily Health Tasks will remind you every day of preventive measures for coronavirus and strengthen your immune system.
    Drink water
    Measure body temperature
    Track sleep
    Ventilate home
    Wash hands
    Be aware and informed


    The most important information about the pandemic situation in one place.
    Local and international data
    Prevention and health advice
    Numbers and statistics every day
    Articles by government, hospitals, organizations
    Reason to act responsibly

    Motivational system

    For each action performed in the app, users are rewarded with points – they can be spent on gifts from our partners.

    Let’s fight Together!

    Only by acting responsibly, we can reduce the risk posed by the virus. Protect yourself and others – by staying at home, we will prevent an outbreak and asymptomatic spread of coronavirus (COVID-19).
    COVID-19 outbreak reduction
    Healthy habits formation
    Gamified Self-Isolation
    Important news and information in one place
    Get points and exchange them for prizes